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As a mother of two, I know firsthand just how fast the special times in ours lives fly by. My goal is to capture these times, the expressions you share, and the beauty of your true selves.


My Story


My name is Cass and I am the Photographer and Owner of Frontenac Photography. I am based out of the beautiful city of Kingston ON. I always had a love of photography; I loved taking pictures while on trips and family members would say I had the eye for photography. There was so many moments in my life that I could have chosen to dive into photography and did not. So when my son came that was the moment that I did not want to miss my chance.

When my son was born he was born with a heart condition that was not diagnosed until after his birth. He spent two weeks in SickKids and under went Open Heart Double Bypass surgery at 6 days old. Once we were able to come home my son was not able to get the angelic newborn pictures as he was not able to be moved or posed easily. I took pictures of him for every single occasion as I guess I was trying to make up for lost time and experiences. I would often borrow my In-Laws camera as I did not own a camera at that time.

I wanted my son to be able to look back and see his childhood in countless amounts of pictures even if they were pictures taken by his crazy mom on his grandparents camera.


My husband seen that I truly loved to take pictures and rallied both families together to get me a Camera and my In-Laws were more then happy to help as it meant I would stop keeping theirs hostage.


It was shortly after that the comment that I had an eye for photography became more and more of a topic of discussion. I started Frontenac Photography in June 2019 as a way to share pictures with the public. At that time I was mainly focused on learning and growing my skills. I primarily used nature, friends and family as my subjects until September 2019 when my very first client reached out to me. 

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