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Capturing the Real You

The Experience

Sessions outdoors, under studio lights or in the comfort of your home.

Here is a small little snap shot of what the booking, shoot, editing and photo sharing process looks like along with some fun background information and hints towards my quirky personality.


This process is the same for all photo sessions. 

How it Works

How it Works

Step 01

Booking your shoot

You have decided you want a photoshoot and you want it with me (WAHOO! I do happy dance)

Let's Chat!!

Together we will figure out the type of shoot you want, shoot location [In studio, In-Home or on Location] and the length of your shoot.


Once all information has been decided we will get into the paperwork side of booking; contracts, terms and conditions as well as the session retainer fee. 


  • Do not know what to wear - neutral colours are the golden rule!

  • Need help with outfits let me know I am happy to help [client closet items are available to use for an additional fee] 

Step 02

Being your beautiful selves

It's Shoot DAY!!! 

The day has come for your shoot both of us are equally excited (trust me).


If you are nervous on how to pose or what to do I got you! I will help you with prompts and poses.


My number one rule is BE YOUR SELVES have fun this will make the photos more meaningful and show the true you. Do not know where to look during the photos look at each other (it's okay I am a professional third wheel/tag along) 


  • If you have young kids taking part in the shoot change them upon arrival to avoid any type of Kid-astrophies

  • If you are using a client closet item arrive early to allow time to change 

Step 03

Editing your photos

Your shoot is done and your itching to see some photos. Do not worry I send out sneak peeks any where from a few hours to three days after your shoot!

All photos are clarity corrected, light corrected, my profile edits are added and if needed Photoshopped for small blemishes (the odd pimple) and environment eye sores like signs and extra people within an image.

I love sending a mixture of both colour and black and white images. I believe that sending a mixed coloured gallery is timeless and beautiful;  there is something to be said about a special time captured in many different "lights"



  • If I cannot pick between what edit I like best -  I will send the photo in both edits (this is great for you to see how different edits effect the feeling we get from looking at a photo). 

Step 04

Memories to treasure

Your Photos are done!

(Happy dance for both of us)

I have sent you a message saying your gallery has been finished and has been sent to you via my online gallery. 

The email with the link can take anywhere from seconds too hours to arrive in your inbox. If you do not see it please check you junk box (our galleries are sometimes shy and hind in that location) 

Please locate your gallery password and follow all the steps in the email; do not worry about the pop ups asking for your email address (this will happen few times) it is not a scam pop up - it is a security feature of my gallery hub!

Download them to the device of your choosing and your done you have your photos!

I do not require photo credit, shout outs or tags when sharing photos on social media but they do make me very happy (just saying)



I love to capture all moments of life! Please see the list of categories below to find the type of shoot you are looking for.


Do not see what you are looking for? Do not worry contact me and I will be happy to dicuess the shoot you have in mind!

Family Photography

  • Newborn to Family Sessions; Cake Smashes to Specialty/Holiday shoots

  • Half hour and 1-hour sessions available for Family sessions   

  • Studio, In-Home and on Location sessions available  

  • Assistance with styling & location selection

  • Downloadable online gallery

Starting at $60

Wedding Photography

  • Four different packages to choice from to help cover your special day perfectly 

  • FREE Engagement with each package shoot to help us get to know each other 

  • Assistance with wedding timeline and photo lists available  

  • Downloadable online gallery

Starting at $235

Lifestyle Photography

  • Maternity to Engagement, Graduation to Branding sessions; Boudoir and more 

  • Your choice half hour or 1-hour sessions

  • Studio, In-Home and on Location sessions available

  • Assistance with styling & location selection 

  • Use of Client closet items available for additional fee

  • Downloadable online gallery

Starting at $75



Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

Let's Get You Booked

  • What happens on an inclement weather day?
    Yes! If it is just raining consider a romantic rainy shoot they are stunning! If the session takes place outdoors or the session takes on an inclement weather day the session will be cancelled for that day but will be rebooked with no fees. Sessions cancelled due to weather can be cancelled by both Frontenac Photography and the client. The rebooking date and time will be agreed upon by both Frontenac Photography and the client.
  • Are you willing to travel for a shoot?
    Yes! I do travel for a shoot. If the shoot takes place outside of Kingston, ON an additional $0.61 per KM charge will be added to the session fee. In home sessions that require setup of lights will have an additional $30 charge added to the session fee.
  • Are galleries able to be resent after the expiry date?
    Yes, but it is the client’s responsibility to download and save all images on the gallery before the gallery expiry date. If the client fails to download and save all images from gallery the before the gallery expiry date; a gallery reactivation fee of $30 will be charged to the client and must be received before the gallery is reactivated. The gallery is only reactivated for seven days before it is deleted from the gallery hub.
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